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Roof Panel System without Roof Trusses

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roof panel without roof trussesRoofing System with Insulation within PanelRoofing System with Insulation in Outer Layer
Jane Davidson, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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Sue Mantell, PhD
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Self-Supporting Panelized Roof System

The panelized roof system allows for the creation of roof panels that do not require an interior supporting framework or underlining roof trusses. The roof structure reduces construction costs and increases the amount of available space within a building. The insulation layer can be on the outside of the panel or within it, increasing the overall efficiency. The panels can be completely waterproof and are suitable as exterior roofing surfaces.

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Roofing System for Residential and Commercial Roofing

The roof panels can be used in both flat roofs and pitched roofs and are suitable for residential or commercial roofing applications. The panel satisfies all structural and thermal loading requirements for building applications.


  • Increases available space due to elimination of load bearing columns and trusses
  • Separate structural and insulating components are contained with a single roof panel which decreases construction cycle times and improves energy efficiency
  • Metal finish sheet may serve as exterior roof surface in either residential roofing or commerical roofing which improves energy efficiency

Product Details The technology is for the design of the self-supporting truss-core roof panel which combines the roof with a built-in structural support.

Fulfillment Details Licensee will receive rights to practice the intellectual property (patent application) for the purposes of developing and manufacturing a commercial product.

Phase of Development Roofing system panel has been designed, built and tested.