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Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds

Technology #z06171

Monitoring and Counting Crowds of Any Size

The Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds is a new method for detecting and tracking objects - particularly crowds - with a computer vision system. Previous computer vision technologies could not keep track of large, dense crowds. The Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds tracks crowds regardless of size or density just as easily as individuals.

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  • Royalty rate of 3% (2% for MN company) after first $1 million in product sales.

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Kalman Filtering Enables Automated Surveillance and Object Tracking

Using Kalman filtering techniques, prior knowledge of the scene, and accurate camera calibration, the Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds can automatically match visual features and actions. This allows for the further automation of computer surveillance and tracking systems. This eliminates the need for costly human operators when monitoring heavily populated areas. The margin for human error is also reduced because of the degree to which the computer can monitor the crowd by itself.

Automated surveillance is highly important for retailers and shopping centers are always looking for ways to gather information on their clientele to aid them in marketing and asset protection. The Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds gives them this info in the form of user friendly, graphical crowd and traffic data.


  • The method is completely developed; there is no need for further research or development before the technology can be practically used
  • The method can run completely on an average personal computer. There is no need for special clothing, markers, or any extra hardware
  • The method gathers information previously unnoticed by human operators
  • The method can monitor crowds of any size and density
  • Unlike other similar technologies, the Method for Monitoring and Counting Crowds runs in real time, allowing for up to the second visual analysis