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SnowSweet® Apple, Cold Hardy with Sweet Tart Taste

Technology #z03140

Sweet, Tart Tasting Apple

Can an apple taste sweet, tart and almost buttery? Yes. The SnowSweet® Apple is sweet with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. As one of our taste testers described it, "This apple has substance. It's satisfying." Great taste is definitely the best feature of SnowSweet.

Slow to Turn Brown

The second outstanding feature of SnowSweet is its firm, snow white flesh. After being cut and exposed to air, a SnowSweet Apple is slow to oxidize and turn brown. You can slice samples ahead for display and offer eye appealing taste tests later. Consumers can prepare apples in advance for attractive snacks or salads.

Hardiness Zone 4a

SnowSweet is a cold hardy varieties for cool climates and can be grown in hardiness Zone 4a. Controlled freezing tests and extensive field studies have been performed to assure that SnowSweet trees will meet the challenges of northern apple-growing regions.   Snowsweet is a late season variety with apples ripening in mid to late October.  The trees bear fruit annually.

Apple Hybrid with a Quality Heritage

SnowSweet is an apple hybrid between Sharon and Connell Red. It is the 24th variety introduced since our apple breeding efforts began in 1878. It joins a great family that includes Haralson, Fireside, Honeygold, Regent, and Sweet 16, plus Honeycrisp and Zestar!® Apples.

Licensing of SnowSweet Apple for Propagation

SnowSweet, brand Wilding apple tree is patented and trademarked in the United Sates (PP19,446), and the Canada PVP is pending. The asexual propagation of SnowSweet brand Wilding apple trees in the United States or Canada requires a license from the University of Minnesota, even for the propagation of one tree! If you desire to asexually propagate trees for sale, then you need to have a Nursery License. If you desire to asexually propagate trees for personal use or for your orchard, then you need an Orchard License. Otherwise, you can purchase SnowSweet brand Wilding apple trees from a licensed retail nursery. If you wish to propagate or sell SnowSweet brand Wilding apple trees outside of the United States and Canada, please contact BJ Haun.