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Blue Heaven Ornamental Grass

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U.S. Blue Heaven™ Plant Material License
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Little BluestemBlue Heaven
Mary H Meyer, PhD
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
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US Patent PP17,310

Bluestem Variety

Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnBlueA' little bluestem "Blue Heaven™" is a unique form of little bluestem, a native prairie grass known for its tolerance of sites with dry soil and full sun. It is a great plant for low maintenance sustainable landscapes. Several characteristics make this carefully selected variety attractive through all seasons. It has a taller, more upright form (40-48 inches tall and 25-30 inches wide) than is typical of little bluestem. The colors of Blue Heaven™—dark blue to burgundy foliage during the summer turning purple, violet, and finally red in the fall—are unique on a tall columnar plant. It flowers in August and September, and showy fall color extends into winter.

Please see the University of Minnesota's website for more information about the Blue Heaven ornamental grass. You will need a license to sell Blue Heaven plants commercially. A license is completed online by clicking on link to the right.