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Cold Hardy La Crescent Grape Variety

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Cold Hardy La Crescent Grape Variety for White Wine

The La Crescent grape is a very cold hardy grape cultivar that produces a white wine of excellent quality, reminiscent of the cultivar Vignoles. Its relatively high sugar and acidity levels have encouraged winemakers to ferment La Crescent in a sweet or semi-sweet style. La Crescent wines commonly have aromas of apricot, peach, citrus and pineapple and lack strong herbaceous aromas or those associated with V. labrusca. La Crescent vines have tolerated vineyard temperatures as low as -36 F in early February with only minor bud loss. It ripens in mid-season. For more information please visit the University of Minnesota’s Cold Hardy Grapes.

License for Propagating La Crescent Grapevines for Sale

If you would like to become licensed to propagate La Crescent grape vines for sale, then please complete a plant material variety license application:

  • Plant material variety license agreement – United States
  • Plant material variety license agreement – Canada

La Crescent Grapevines - More Information

La Crescent Grapevine - Protection Information

  • US Plant Variety Protection USPP14617 P3
  • Canadian Plant Breeders' Rights - Certificate Number 4454