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Kamil Ugurbil – fMRI, Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance, Connectome

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Kamil Ugurbil

Dr. Ugurbil’s lab was one of two that independently introduced magnetic resonance imaging of neuronal activity in the human brain (known as fMRI). He continues to develop methods and instrumentation capable of obtaining high resolution and high accuracy functional information in the human brain, targeting neuronal organizations at the level of cortical columns and layers. He produced the first imaging of orientation columns in the human primary visual cortex, and developed numerous instrumentation and image acquisition approaches for functional and anatomical neuroimaging at very high magnetic fields. Dr. Ugurbil is a principle investigator for the Human Connectome Project.

Technologies available for licensing:
NMR Spectroscopy Using Half-Spin Echo Data Recovery
Multiband EPI (GE-fMRI and SE diffusion) Human Connectome Software

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