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Neuroscience Research Projects

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Neurology Researhers at UMN
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The University of Minnesota has been a very active research site for multiple brain initiatives going back to the NIH Human Connectome Project: Lifespan where “Mapping of the Human Connectome” results were published in Science. Ongoing research at the Udall Center, Neuroengineering Laboratory and the University’s Department of Neurology continues the legacy of numerous publications and technology disclosures under the leadership of Dr. Kamil Urgbil, Dr. Jerrold Vitek, Dr. Matt Johnson, Dr. Suhasa Kodandaramaiah, Dr. Bin He and many more highly productive collaborators and inventors. Please contact Kevin Nickels for more information about neuroscience research at the U.

Neuroscience Research Projects
Department of Neurology Research
Transgenic mouse development for neurodegenerative disease research
Understanding the physiological changes that underlie Parkinson's disease motor signs
The mechanisms, locations and pathways mediating the effects (both adverse and beneficial) of pallidal DBS on clinical and quantitative measures of motor function, including speech
Sampling very broad DBS parameter space using quantitative behavioral metrics of parkinsonian motor signs as the feedback signal
Neuromodulation Research Center Projects
Brain Function and Connectivity - MRI Research
Neurological Diseases - MRI Research
Spatial-Time-Frequency Approach to Neural Sensing & Interfacing