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Neuroscience Technologies

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Neuroscience Technologies Available to License

The University of Minnesota licenses technologies to interested companies to further develop and commercialize. Please contact Kevin Nickels for more information about these technologies.

Neuroscience Technologies
20130002 - The Eye as a Window into Schizophrenia
20150160 - Optimization Algorithm for Programming Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode
Z06179 - Brain Activation Mapping Algorithm for Surgical Planning
20150177 - Magnetic Brain Array for Neuron Modulation and Mapping
20150170 - Improved Deep Brain Stimulation Target Selectivity
20170101 - Flex-DBS: Mechanically reconfigurable, flexible electrodes for spatio-temporally tuned and efficient deep brain stimulation
20170154 - Conformable dual-mode ultrasound transducers for Neuromodulation
20150170 - Electrode for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Generating Spatially Controlled Unidirectional Fields or Rotating Fields
20170069 - Particle Swarm Optimization for Programming Neuromodulation Systems
20170066- Multi-Modal and Multi-symptom Neuromodulation Therapy
20170018 - Fully-integrated, High-voltage, High-density Microstimulator
20160413 - Miniature Device Enables Neural Recording under Electrical Microstimulation
20150177 - Magnetic Brain Array for Neuron Modulation and Mapping
20160259-Neuromodulator for simultaneous stimulation and signal reception