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Marc Hillmyer, Polymer Synthesis, Multifunctional Polymers, Macromolecular Materials

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Mark Hillmyer

Dr. Hillmyer's Research Group investigates the design, synthesis, and applications of multifunctional polymeric materials. New synthetic methodologies is a focus, along with morphology, property control and identifying detailed structure/property relationships in a broad range of macromolecular materials. Their research works to combine contemporary polymer synthesis with detailed molecular, morphological and property characterization in an effort to expand fundamental polymer science knowledge and advance the technologies.

Technologies available to license:
Nanofiltration Membrane
Difluorocarbene for Fluorinating Polymers
Nanoporous Polymer Membrane Fabrication
Biodegradable Polylactide Polymer
Environmentally Friendly Dimethacrylate
Biodegradable Polyester Produced From Non-toxic, Renewable Monomer
Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes
Bio-Based Polymer Synthesis from Sugar

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