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PCR Thermal Cycling Device Controls Microscope Slide Temperature

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Martin Blumenfeld, PhD
Emeritus faculty, Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, College of Biological Sciences
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Kevin Nickels
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US Patent 6,300,124

More Efficient PCR Thermal Cycling

A thermal cycling device has been designed that can regulate the temperature of biological samples on a flat substrate, such as a microscope slide. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) requires cycles of repeated heating and cooling of the reaction to amplify copies of a piece of DNA. Current PCR tools do not have slides that can be used in a thermal cycling device. This technology provides a thermal cycler that optimizes heat flow to and from an apparatus that is has a biological sample attached to a microscope slide or other flat surface.
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Microscope Slide Heating and Cooling

This technology is comprised of many parts that all work together to provide the necessary heating and cooling of the biological sample located on a microscope slide. The slide is fitted with a micro-fabricated heater and conductive pads are located on each side on the lower surface of the slide. Conductive pads located on the upper surface of the slide are connected to a resistive temperature sensor that helps to regulate the temperature of the substrate. The technology also has a fan located below where the slide is mounted to allow for rapid cooling to take place when necessary in the PCR reaction process.


  • Provides thermal cycling capability to a microscope slide
  • Optimizes heat flow to and from apparatus
  • All-in-one device allows for rapid heating and cooling of substrates
  • Fitted with a temperature sensor for temperature regulation