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Zestar!® Cold Hardy, Early Season Apple Variety

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Zestar! apples have a long storage lifeThe Zestar! is an Early Season Apple VarietyZestar! is a Cold Hardy Apple Variety
James Luby, PhD
Department of Horticultural Sciences
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Department of Horticultural Sciences
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Patent Protection

Minnewashta apple tree

US Patent PP11367

Canadian Patent PVP 2995: Minnewashta apple tree

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US Trademark 2,595,282: ZESTAR! Brand apple from “Minnewashta” apple variety

Patent or Other Protection

Canadian Trademark 634314: ZESTAR! Brand apple from “Minnewashta” apple variety

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Great Crisp Taste

The most outstanding feature of a Zestar!® Brand, Minnewashta apple variety is its sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. And, unlike other early season apples that are often soft or mealy, Zestar! apples are juicy with a light, crisp texture. Just one bite and you will savor the zesty flavor and crunch.

Zestar! Apples Ripen Early

Growers and apple lovers will delight in this tasty apple that ripens early in the season. Under Minnesota growing conditions, Zestar! apples ripen in late August to early September, about the same time as PaulaRed®. It's the perfect way to start the apple season on a good note.

Exceptional Extended Storage Life

Zestar! apples have an extended storage life and will maintain their great taste and crunch for 2 months in refrigeration. For consumers, this means an apple that will give them a zesty crunch after hours in a lunchbox, days in a fruit bowl, or even weeks in a refrigerator.

Zestar! Apple Trees are Cold Hardy

Zestar! apple trees have been tested through harsh Minnesota winters as well as severe cold conditions created in laboratory freezers. Zestar! apples grow best in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 and 4.

Licensing of Zestar! Apples for Propagation

Zestar! Brand, Minnewashta apple tree is patented in the United Sates (PP11,367) and Canada (PVP 2995), and the apple tree is trademarked Zestar!. The asexual propagation of Zestar! apple trees in the United States or Canada requires a license from the University of Minnesota, even for the propagation of one tree! If you desire to asexually propagate trees for sale, then you need to have a Nursery License. If you desire to asexually propagate trees for personal use or for your orchard, then you need an Orchard License. Otherwise, you can purchase Zestar! apple trees from a licensed retail nursery. If you wish to propagate and sell Zestar! apple trees outside of the United States and Canada, please contact Tom Hutton.