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Integrated Microchip Genetic Testing System

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Leo Furcht, MD
Department Chair, Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
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Dennis Polla
Director of Graduate Studies, Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering
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Raj Udupa
Technology Licensing Officer 612-624-3966
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US Patent 6,054,277
US Patent 6,303,288

System on a Chip Genetic Testing Method

The genetic testing system on a chip includes a miniaturized thermal cycling device and an integrated, unitary microchip based detection device with microfluidic controls and on chip electronics. The integrated chip system further uses dipped or coated polymeric materials on processed silicon as a means to facilitate amplification chemistry. This device may decrease cost and labor as compared to other molecular diagnostics while also maintaining high sensitivity and specificity, thereby increasing availability and potential clinical applications for genetic testing. Allowing earlier detection of genetic diseases could have vast implications on disease treatments.

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Genetic Testing Detects Genetic Diseases

Genetic testing can provide early identification of genetic diseases, allowing for earlier and alternative treatment plans. These types of tests have already begun to completely revolutionize modern medicine. However, this process can be time consuming and labor intensive. Chip-based DNA testing methods have sought to reduce the cost and time associated with genetic testing. The need exists for further reduction in the cost and labor required for genetic testing.


  • More cost-and labor-effective than other methods resulting in greater potential for clinical applications
  • Integrated system decreased requirement for extra equipment, further lowering cost of genetic testing compared to other molecular diagnostics
  • High sensitivity and specificity to genetic variation, allowing more rapid and accurate results