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Halogen Disinfectant Sterilizes Air and Water from Dental Tools

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Efficacy of Halogen Purification of Dental Water and AirDental Sterilization with Halogen is Compatible with Current Dental Tools
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Dental water and air purification equipment

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Improving Infection Control in Dental Offices by Disinfecting Air and Water Used in Procedures

The presence of microorganisms and pathogens within dental unit water lines has been documented in medical and dental literature. Studies have confirmed the presence of infection causing microbes living on tubing walls of the dental water and air supply lines that feed hand tools of dental and medical practitioners. Attempts at disinfecting dental air and water lines have been inadequate as current techniques are unable to fully kill bacteria in the water and/or air being ejected from the tools.

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Using Halogen Disinfectant to Sterilize Air and Water from Dental Air and Water Lines

This approach at controlling infection in dental air and water lines uses a halogen disinfectant cartridge that kills bacteria in the water and air that is expelled by dental tools. The cartridges are placed near where water is expelled from the dental hand tools. By placing these halogen purification cartridges near where the water is expelled from the tool, the water or air will not be re-infected with pathogens before reaching the patient’s mouth. These cartridges use a halogen disinfectant media and a corresponding manifold assembly. The invention is compatible with conventional dental tools.


  • Kills bacteria and microbes with an efficacy of 100% resulting in purification of water and air for delivery to a dental patient
  • No chance of pathogen recontamination of water or air before distribution to patients
  • Disposable halogen disinfectant cartridges ensure purification methods remain effective
  • Halogen disinfectant media and their manifold assembly function with conventional dental tools