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Three-Dimensional Tooth Profiling

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Ralph DeLong PhD
School of Dentistry
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Andrew Morrow
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Monitor Dental Materials and Tooth Profiles

The Ansur software suite graphically displays a three-dimensional profile of a tooth which can be used to measure change in anatomical and other contours over time. Highly accurate measurements of width & depth (μm); and volume (mm3) can be displayed in a graph to show the changes in the chewing surface of a patient’s tooth. The difference in the surface of the tooth at different times allows the practitioner to evaluate the wear of dental materials.

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Evaluate the Wear of Dental Materials

The user friendly software package can accept data from a number of digitizing techniques including contact stylus and laser probe methods. The practitioner can choose from a number of graphical analysis techniques including anatomic form, contour maps, difference plots and ‘microtome’ slices through the tooth or structure at any point. The three-dimensional profile of the chewing surface can be manipulated to be viewed from any angle.


  • Graphically displays accurate images of a patient’s teeth; all processing is automatic.
  • Allows the practitioner to monitor the surface of the teeth over time.
  • Can be used with data collected by contact stylus and laser probe methods.

Product Details Software to graphically show a three-dimensional image of teeth and compare multiple images for differences in height, width and volume.

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