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MyStrengths MyHealth™

Technology #20180076

Self-identify health strengths, challenges and needs

MyStrengths MyHealth™ (MSMH) is a whole-person strengths-based consumer-facing mobile enhanced application designed for individuals, families, and communities to self-identify strengths, challenges, and needs. 

MSMH leverages the rigor of the Omaha System (Martin, 2005), a multi-disciplinary standardized health terminology and valid, reliable instrument that addresses all of health across four domains with 42 discrete concepts. Surveys for each of the 42 concepts are embedded using expert- and community-validated plain language terms. For example, in MSMH, the Omaha System domains, Environmental, Psychosocial, Physiological, and Health-related Behaviors, were renamed My Living, My Mind and Network, My Body, and My Self-care. In MSMH, signs/symptoms associated with the 42 concepts were renamed Challenges, and interventions were renamed Needs. MSMH captures health status using a continuum of severity for each concept (1 star = very bad; 5 stars = great). On this scale, a concept is considered to be a strength if it is rated a 4 (good) or 5 (great). This community-friendly, consumer-facing instrument generates powerful data for clinical use, education, and research.

Consumer-focused health management

Consumer-focused technologies, such as mobile health apps, engage consumers in individual health management and also support population health prevention and promotion. These technologies, and the data generated from their use, have the potential to transform healthcare and population health. Engaging individuals and families to contribute consumer-generated data generated through MyStrengths MyHealth (MSMH) facilitates deeper levels of participation in care and provides a foundation for personalized and collaborative care.

Use the MyStrengths MyHealth (MSMH) Web-based Tool

  • COMING SOON!  To access the MSMH web-based tool, click on the link under “License this Technology” to complete the license agreement.


  • Easy for patients to comprehend questions and complete survey
  • Comprehensive survey of health related domains


  • Web-based, consumer-facing mobile application
  • 42 MSMH concepts across 4 domains of health
  • Available in English language only
  • Community validated plain language


  • Health tracking
  • Health assessment
  • Public health research