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Health Survey based on Omaha System

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Health SurveyOmaha SystemHealth Report
Robin Austin, DNP, DC, RN-BC
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
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Karen Monsen, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
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Leza Besemann
Technology Marketing Manager 612-625-8615

Health Report Identifies health Needs, Challenges and Strengths

A web-based, consumer-facing mobile application helps health researchers identify patients’ strengths, needs and health challenges. The app is accessed through a browser but is enhanced to run on a mobile device. It is built on knowledge of consumer terminology and the Omaha System of standardized nursing language. Patients answer a series of questions from various categories to create a personalized health report based on their own personal strengths, health needs and challenges.


  • Creates personalized health reports based on a patient’s personal strengths, health needs and challenges
  • Web-based, consumer-facing mobile application


  • Health tracking
  • Health assessment

Phase of Development – application is available to be used for non-profit research