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Finite Element Analysis Objective Partitioning

Technology #20160062

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Fluvio Luis Lobo Fenoglietto
University of Central Florida
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

FEA Objective Partitioning for FEBio Data

A new software tool makes objective partitioning of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) data much easier. Users can export physical data, compile simulations and perform objective partitioning via an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based interface. The process currently works with FEA data from FEBio and PostView, but it could analyze any mesh used for FEA. The tool was developed for deforming meshes, but it could be modified for static meshes as well. This software could replace the MATLAB® platform currently used.

Phase of Development - Beta, available for licensing.

Easier FEA Data Segmentation

Mesh pre-partitioning or segmenting can be a tedious process, requiring users to know the type of element and the level of mesh refinement. With this tool, users need only provide a single coordinate and a radius: The software then segments the elements within the region described by the resulting sphere and automatically updates the position of the sphere within a deforming mesh.


  • Excel-based interface is easy to use
  • Only requires a single coordinate and a radius
  • Analyzes FEA data from FEBio and PostView