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Improved Toothbrush Design

Technology #20160026

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Gingival Recession RiskDental Plaque
Richard Nadeau, DDS
Clinical Specialist, Division of Comprehensive Care, Department of Primary Dental Care
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Kevin Anderson
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US Patent Pending 20160051040

Lowers Gingival Recession Risk

A unique toothbrush head cleans teeth and gums more effectively by cleaning all surfaces of the tooth in the same motion. The innovative design uses stiffer, curved bristles that perfectly conform to each tooth’s shape, allowing the toothbrush to clean the grooves, under the gums and even surfaces between teeth. The redesigned cleaning head minimizes force on gingival tissue and dentin, thereby lowering the risk of gingival recession and dentinal abrasion.

Better Interproximal and Sub-gingival Removal

The new toothbrush is easier to handle than a conventional toothbrush, especially for the elderly, children or those with arthritis or poor dexterity. It places the bristles in the optimal position on the tooth – and with the correct amount of force – to effectively and safely remove sub-gingival and interproximal plaque.


  • Cleans all surfaces of the tooth, even traditionally hard-to-reach areas
  • Lessens risk of damaging gums and teeth
  • Easier to use, especially for patients with poor dexterity
  • Effectively and safely removes sub-gingival and interproximal plaque

Phase of Development - Proof of concept- Licensee will receive rights to practice the intellectual property (patent application) for the purposes of developing and manufacturing a commercial product.