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Pediatric Dosing Syringe Based on Patient Weight

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Circumferential ring-shaped stopper slides up and down syringe plunger, allowing users to select appropriate weight in Kg
Gwenyth Fischer, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
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Kevin Anderson
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US Patent Pending US20170095615A1

Dials in accurate pediatric dose based on patient weight

A pre‐filled syringe featuring Broselow color-coding system weight markings accurately calculates pediatric doses based on the patient’s weight. A circumferential ring-shaped stopper slides up and down the syringe plunger. This stopper allows medical providers to “dial in” the patient’s weight (in Kg) to select an accurate dose, thus preventing over/under dosing. Designed mainly for epinephrine dosing, the weight-based syringe can be used for other drugs. Its design allows a single item to be stocked and used—and without calculation or preparation. The syringe can be used in emergency rooms, operating rooms, ambulances, transport kits and hospital code bags.

Faster and more accurate

While pre-packaged doses of epinephrine for adults in cardiac arrest allow rapid, one-step administration, pediatric doses are weight based. Because the dose’s specific volume must be individually calculated and prepared just before it is given, the process is prone to errors and is often incorrectly dosed. In addition to dosing errors, multi-step preparation causes delays that may increase risk of mortality. By significantly reducing epinephrine dosing errors during a pediatric cardiac arrest, this new syringe decreases the extremely high morbidity and mortality associated with this event.

Phase of Development

  • Working prototype


  • Faster and more accurate
  • Requires only a single item to be stocked and used
  • Requires no calculation or preparation


  • Standardized Broselow color-coding system for weight markings
  • Adjustable ring stopper prevents under- or over-dose
  • Design can be used for other drugs


  • Epinephrine delivery
  • Weight-based doses
  • Pediatric cardiac arrest
  • ER/ICU
  • Pediatric critical care service

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