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Online Global Health Course

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Global Health Training for the Medical Professional

The Online Global Health Course prepares today’s medical professional to practice medicine and public health in an increasingly mobile world. With more than one billion people crossing international boundaries annually, every clinician, regardless of location of practice must be familiar with working across cultures and with infections and diseases in an increasing diverse world. In addition, any medical professional planning a medical venture overseas must understand how the practical approach to medical care and public health vary according to epidemiology and resources.

Online Curriculum for International Health Training

Many institutions that have students or medical professionals who are preparing to work overseas or to better serve vulnerable and disenfranchised populations in the U.S. have difficulties building curriculum. Whether your students or health professionals are interested in becoming more clinically competent in the U.S., working in acute humanitarian crises or in other resource restricted settings, or are simply interested in decreasing health disparities locally or globally, the Global Health Course offers unique and valuable training. The Course is taught by internationally known experts, and draws on the expertise of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for subject matter experts.

The course consists of seven online modules that flow into one another intuitively, however each can be taken individually as standalone, modules. These modules include recorded lectures, downloadable presentation slides, pre- and post-tests, knowledge quizzes, plus optional bonus materials and case studies. In total the course provides 300+ hours of medical training content.

The course is broken into the following stand-alone modules:

  1. Introduction to Health Care for Immigrant and Refugee Populations
  2. Disaster Response and Clinical Medicine in Resource-Limited Settings
  3. Public Health and Non-communicable Disease in Developing Countries
  4. Parasitic Infections
  5. Bacterial and Mycobacterial (TB) and Fungal Infections
  6. Viral Infections
  7. Travel Medicine

Refugee Health, Mission Work and Humanitarian Disasters

In order to facilitate the dissemination of best practices in immigrant/refugee health, travelers health, and work in a resource limited settings and during humanitarian disasters, we have begun to offer low cost online training materials for institutional use. Several Medical Schools and Universities as well as health organizations preparing individual for mission work, or serve special populations have subscribed to this service.

Online Global Health Course Licensing Options

There are three options for institutions to license the Online Global Health Course. Each option allows access to the modules for a year and can be renewed at a lower rate. You can select a license from the right hand column on this page.

  1. The Custom Plus license allows the licensee to select up to 35 hours of material from the Online Global Health Course. Lectures can come from any of the currently existing modules. A custom Moodle site is hosted on the University of Minnesota Medical School’s server with the content, lectures, pre- and post-tests, and your institution’s logo. The fee is $5000 and the renewal cost is $2500.
  2. The Custom license allows the licensee to select 35 hours of material from the Online Global Health Course. The material is stored and accessed from the licensee’s course management system. The fee is $4000 and the renewal cost is $2000.
  3. The Individual Module license allows the license to select one or more modules (up to seven) at $3,500 per module. The renewal fee is $1750 per module. The modules are accessed from the University of Minnesota Medical School’s server. Each module contains content and assessment.

After you have completed your license and paid the fee with a credit card, you will be contacted by the University of Minnesota with information about how to access the materials.

Visit the Global Health website for more information.