Office for Technology Commercialization

Kidney Model for Urological Procedure Training

Technology #20150044

Percutaneous Training

An anatomically accurate, silicon flank model allows medical students and physicians to effectively train for percutaneous needle insertion skills, contrast administration, concentration skill teaching and other urologic procedures. The phantom model is a transparent cast of the upper urinary tract and is designed to be used with the SimPORTAL C-Arm trainer. The model features simulated skin, fat, subcutaneous tissue and surrounding tissue as well as kidney parenchyma, ureters, renal calyces, renal pelvis and an overlay that visually and tactically simulates the 10th, 11th and 12th ribs. The model accurately simulates the look and feel of the entire area as it exists within the human body and provides an inexpensive method for repeated, deliberate practice of complicated procedures.

Phantom X-ray Materials

The model was created with 3D printing technology using unique materials that offer haptic feel (viscoelastic properties) and that are ideal for imaging. The materials were selected specifically to create a phantom X-ray image based on a two-camera technique used to train for urologic procedures. The clear kidney model can be displayed on a computer monitor just as a surgeon would project a real-time view of an X-ray image of an actual kidney.


  • 3D printing technology produces inexpensive practice models
  • Anatomically accurate representation of renal anatomy
  • Images displayed on a computer monitor simulate an X-ray image of an actual kidney
  • Allows for nearly unlimited training of percutaneous procedures

Phase of Development Prototype