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Intramural Sports App

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Andrew Morrow
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Scheduling Intramural Sports Events

Planning and organizing intramural sports in a college setting can be a difficult task to undertake and but now there is an iPhone app that helps to streamline the process. Users of the Intramural Sports App are able to view the schedules for classes, events, games, and other activities that are going on through the university’s facilities and athletic programs. They can also add events to their individual schedules to customize their own daily planner. Reminders can be set for each activity to ensure one never misses an event. The app also notifies users of last minute notifications such as class cancellations along with updating people with current news and announcements happening at the university’s facilities. Along with these features, the app can be tailored to a specific university’s needs to create a more general intramural sports app.


  • Helps to streamline the process of creating event schedules
  • Gives users updates and notifications regarding individual classes/events
  • Users can set reminders and alarms to ensure they never miss an event
  • Can be tailored towards a university’s individual needs

Phase of Development App is available from the Apple store.