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“Guide to Dog and Cat Wellness” for Pet Owners

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Margaret Root-Kustritz, DVM, PhD
Professor, Small Animal Reproduction, College of Veterinary Medicine
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Andrew Morrow
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Pet Guide for New and Experienced Owners

Comprehensive information for maintaining your dog’s or cat’s health and wellbeing can be found in the “Guide to Dog and Cat Wellness” by Dr. Margaret Root-Kustritz. The book is available for Kindle or Nook readers. Topics include how to find your pet’s pulse, determining healthy gums, vaccinations, different temperament signs, along with other important information. There are chapters covering what to do in a possible emergency situation as well as how to maintain pet health on a daily basis. Both new and experienced pet owners will gain knowledge from Dr. Kustritz’.

Phase of Development “Guide to Dog and Cat Wellness” by Dr. Margaret Root-Kustritz is ready for purchase.

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