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German Language iPad App

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Pete Willemsen, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, UMD
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Learn German Grammar with iPad App

The German Grammar Guide iPad app helps students learn the German language by providing different and effective means of accessing relevant grammar information for advanced and beginning students. Often times, those learning the German language are on different levels of language proficiency. The grammar guide focuses on what is known in language pedagogy as raising the affective filter. Students have the ability to access relevant grammar information in two different ways. Those who are on the more advanced track of learning the German language can see a quick view of grammar information while an expanded guide helps beginning german students by giving a more explanatory set of information.

Beginning German Language Students

This technology allows students who come from all different backgrounds and skill levels of language learning to access aspects of German grammar in different ways. Overwhelming students, especially beginning german students, is a potential problem in any setting. The German Grammar Guide helps beginning students to learn without presenting too much information too early. Similar tools do not take into account the value of pacing students with the amount of information provided to them. Students can maintain a comfortable pace of learning German grammar, aiding in the language acquisition process.

The German Grammar Guide for iPad is available online at the Apple Store.