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Minnesota Hand Function Test

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Ann E. Van Heest, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Minnesota
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Andrew Morrow
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Hand Function Article including Norms [PDF]

Pediatric Hand Function Test

The Minnesota Hand Function Test measures hand function in children using a more modern approach in line with modern society. The hand function test better reflects the state of interaction over older models of hand function quantification such as the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function test. These tests are commonly used in evaluating the functions of the hands used in daily activities for a patient population with neurological or other conditions that might hinder hand functions.

Hand Function Tasks

The Minnesota Hand Function Test is comprised of four separate tasks including text typing, dots, shapes, and camera. During the text typing portion of the test, users type a copy of a simple sentence presented on screen with the mistakes recorded after the completion of the task. The dots task utilizes a 3 x 4 grid and users must touch dots as they light up. In the shapes section, users drag various shapes into their respective silhouettes and finally the camera portion has users taking pictures of the floor, ceiling, and wall when prompted.  The test is built as an application for the Apple operating system platform and is optimized for the Apple iPhone 5 or later. The app is available at the Apple Store.

Please see the Hand Function with Touch Screen Technology article for more information, including norms, about how the app was created and tested.