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PeopleSoft Data Model Encapsulation for Easier Integration

Technology #20130153

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Joe Goggins
Academic Support Resources, Office of Information Technology
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

Object Relational Mapping Toolkit for PeopleSoft Data Model Integration

The mapping toolkit helps to solve the large problem for enterprises of sorting through the complexity of data model integration by encapsulating complex data models resident in enterprise systems. Open EDU Data Models encapsulates data models associated with PeopleSoft software into a much more efficient expressive syntax using Ruby on Rail/ActiveRecord and direct database link technology. Using standardized data models in conjunction with design idioms across numerous applications reduces development costs and risks associated with integration.

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Read-Only Decreases Complexity of Data Model Integration

Open EDU Data Models also provide synchronization that allows for keeping up-to-date data and optimizing performance for faster queries. The technology is optimized by allowing for read-only types of usage within applications, which eliminates complexity. Software teams are able to spend less time with complex data integration and can focus more on providing business value due to the use of read-only integration. Using read-only integration allows the Open EDU Data Models to provide a more cohesive, well-tested, extensible framework across all applications that utilize enterprise data.


  • Encapsulation of data models eliminates complexity
  • Optimizes system through use of read-only integration
  • Keeps up-to-date records
  • Less time spent on complex data integration