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Shibboleth’s Lil Helper

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Shibboleth Authentication System Tool

The integration of web applications with Shibboleth is easier using the open-source tool Shibboleth’s Lil Helper (SLH). Shibboleth is the most widely used federated authentication system in higher education. SLH provides a more simplified, automated, and consistent approach to integrating web applications with Shibboleth. The technology saves developer time and improves maintainability while existing tools seem to add rather than reduce unnecessary complexity or otherwise assume too much in the process. SLH simplifies the setup, deployment, and ongoing management of web application integration.

Shibboleth Integration

Shibboleth’s Lil Helper takes out the largely manual, time-consuming, error-prone process that other tools with similar functions use. While there are several sites and free tools to help IT staff integrate Shibboleth, many do not function as expected and cannot provide the level of automation, convenience, and complexity reduction that SHL offers to users.


  • Simplifies the process of integration into Shibboleth
  • Automates entire approach to integration
  • Saves the developer time and improves maintainability
  • Reduces the complexity that many current tools add to process

Phase of Development released in November 2011 and is widely used by University of Minnesota IT staff