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VmnrJ SWIFT Software for Agilent Varian Systems

Technology #20130140

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VmnrJ SWIFT Sublicense
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UMN Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
Michael Tesch
Ryan Chamberlain
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Kevin Nickels
Technology Licensing Officer 612-625-7289

SWIFT code reimplemented in C/C++

Improved VnmrJ SWIFT experiment and reconstruction code was reimplemented in C/C++. The functionality implemented is basically the same as what Agilent has from SSI, but in some cases does not implement all of the SSI-functionality (such as bulls-eye correction). The University owns the copyright for all the new code. For information about licensing the software, please visit CMRR's SWIFT website.


  • SWIFT experiment and reconstruction code
  • Reimplemented in C/C++
  • Similar functionality as what Agilent has from SSI

Phase of Development - Prototype