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Movement Skill Assessment Tool for Infants and Toddlers

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Carol Leitschuh, PhD
College of Education and Human Development, Kinesiology Administration
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Andrew Morrow
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Detects Delays in Movement and Motor Skills Development

Detection of motor and movement skill problems early on in childhood is essential in the correction of difficulties children may be having.  The Infant Toddler Movement IGDI tool monitors and tracks the movement skills of children to detect any developmental delay in early childhood movement ability. It has been shown to be highly correlated and statistically significant when compared to comprehensive standardized assessments of movement skills. No other technology similar to the Infant Toddler Movement IGDI is in use or specifically tests for movement skill deficiencies. Other assessments developed for this age group cover full sets of skills in movement which is costly and may be unnecessary for the specific child.

Note: The Infant Toddler Movement IGDI tool has been exclusively licensed. If you have questions, please contact the University of Minnesota's Office for Technology Commercialization.

Two Minute Assessment Session can Detect Developmental Delays

The Infant Toddler Movement IGDI for detecting early developmental delays in movement skills uses a two minute assessment session to gather data on the specific child. The child interacts with standard toys and is given prompts at 15 second intervals during which their responses are recorded. Children with potential movement skill problems can be tested frequently and within just a few months it can be determined whether the child has a positive or negative/flat trajectory of positive movement development. This monitoring tool detects potential problems earlier in a child’s development when they can be corrected much easier. Another advantage to using the Infant Toddler Movement IGDI is that it is relatively inexpensive and can be used by non-experts.