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Tuition and Fee Management System for PeopleSoft

Technology #20130039

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University of Minnesota Information Technology
Managed By
Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

Streamlining Tuition Management

The tuition and fee management system (TFMS)  software application supports the process of proposing, approving, and loading tuition and fees into universities’ PeopleSoft Campus Solutions systems. The system was developed to gather and manage tuition and fees charged to students.  The tuition and fee management system eases complex, multi-dimensional tuition and fee processes by incorporating an innovative and flexible data model that combines them into a single fee. No other technology gives PeopleSoft Campus Solutions users this ability without customizing the PeopleSoft system. This system plugs into PeopleSoft allowing the institution a much smoother upgrade and maintenance process along with potential for large scalability with institutions using a complex nested hierarchy. For an example of a TFMS support page, please visit the University of Minnesota's system administrators' page.

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This technology is available via a standard negotiated license agreement. Contact Andrew Morrow for specific details.

Multi-Dimensional Translation of Tuition Fees

The tuition and fee management system is built on an innovative infrastructure not seen in other PeopleSoft bolt-on applications. Using an application support data framework which encapsulates ERP data with an object related mapper, data can be easily obtained from the enterprise PeopleSoft system. The data is renormalized and indexed for the purposes of the application. The resulting software system is capable of translating each fee dimension into multiple fees in the PeopleSoft system that then is used to build different data permutations required for accurately assessing individual students’ fees or tuition rate. This system gives any institution using Campus Solutions the ability to apply tuition and fee management in their own PeopleSoft system without a complete overhaul.


  • Supports process of tuition and fee management in PeopleSoft
  • Eases complex processes for institutions
  • No need for customization of PeopleSoft system
  • Can be directly added onto existing PeopleSoft system