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Robust Image Correlation Based Strain Calculator for Tissue Systems

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Victor Barocas, PhD Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering
Dr. Barocas’ research involves the understanding of how mechanical, physical, and chemical phenomena interact to govern the behavior of biological and medical systems.
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Ramesh Raghupathy, PhD
Senior Research and Development Engineer, Medtronic
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Andrew Morrow
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Extract from “Form from Function: Generalized Anisotropic Inverse Mechanics for Soft Tissues”
PhD Thesis, Aug 2011

Image Correlation Software for Strain Calculation in Tissue Systems

The Image Correlation software suite uses proven image correlation algorithms combined with a graphical user interface (GUI) to measure strain in tissues. The program includes algorithms capable of handling noisy images and performing field smoothing to handle the complex task of strain calculation in tissue systems.

Engineering strain calculator packages are routinely used to measure the strain on a material by correlating images and measuring the patterns associated with the strain. When the sample is a tissue, there is additional complexity. Digital image correlation and tracking is an optical method used that employs tracking and image registration techniques for accurate measurements of changes in materials and is often used to measure strain in materials.

  • The program package combines several published methods with some heuristics in a simple graphical user interface (GUI).
  • The program is capable of handling noisy images and performing field smoothing.