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Education Abroad Incident Management Database

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Incident Management DatabaseInternational Student Incident ManagementEducation Abroad Incident Management
University of Minnesota Dean's Office
Global Programs and Strategy Alliance
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

Streamlined Incident Database for International Students

The streamlined incident database approach to incident tracking provides education abroad offices a way to manage incident reports and relay pertinent information to necessary individuals. The system uses a more user-friendly interface that incorporates a simple “click and enter” method to gather information on any type of incident including crime abroad and theft abroad along with other incidents involving international students, allowing for easy access and use. This system gives users an easier way to track all important details of a specific case rather than having to search through emails, messages and more by storing all vital information relating to all cases and incidents abroad.

MN-IP Try and Buy
  • Trial period of 6 to 12 months. $5000/6 months.
  • Fee waived for MN-based companies or if sponsoring $50,000+ in research.
  • Exclusive license for a $15,000 conversion payment.
  • No patent costs.
  • Royalty rate of 2% (1% for MN company) after first $1 million in product sales.

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Incident Management Database Fills Gap for Education Abroad Offices

Three main functions of the system are: facilitating and communication of vital information in a secure location, retaining sensitive data regarding the specific international student or individual, and reporting on incident numbers, trends, and details of the university. This technology also fulfills the Clery Act compliance in which institutions of higher education that receive Federal funding are required to provide certain information such as annual security reports, crime/incident logs, etc. to publish publically. The incident management and tracking database fills a large gap for the education abroad sector. All of this results in a system capable of better communication and information storing of incidents abroad.


  • Uses simple “click and enter” interface
  • Provides international student incident management and tracking
  • Fulfills the Clery Act requirements