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Immune Reconstitution Acceleration

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Bruce Blazar,MD
Regents Professor, Pediatrics, Blood and Marrow Transplantation
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Heather Stefanski, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Blood and Marrow Transplantation
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Carl Ware, PhD
Professor, Director of Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Research Institute
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Raj Udupa
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PCT Patent Application WO2014055867

US Patent Pending 20150266964

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow stem cell transplantation (BMT) is a life-rescuing therapy for patients with a variety of conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases. However, chemotherapy and conditioning of the recipient compromises the patient’s immune defenses for a prolonged period afterwards. Infections are common during this period of immunosuppression, which can interfere with the success of the grafts as well as the development of graft versus host disease. Current therapies have been unable to address the severe immune depletion that is often observed in patients undergoing BMT.

Tissue Regeneration Improvement via Stimulation of LTb Receptor

Agonistic antibodies against the LTb receptor are capable of significantly decreasing the time required for immune reconstitution following bone marrow stem cell transplant. This technology is the first to demonstrate the acceleration of immune reconstitution via the stimulation of the LTb receptor pathway following BMT. Stimulation of the LTb pathway has been shown to accelerate the regeneration of lymphoid tissue architecture as well as promote the engraftment of lymph nodes to restore immune function. Accelerating the reconstitution of compromised immune systems provide BMT patients with protection from graft infection, cancer, or other autoimmune diseases.


  • First technology to target LTb pathway
  • Helps aid in success of engraftment and immune reconstitution in patients with depleted immune systems
  • Acceleration of immune system reconstitution in BMT patients helps protect from cancers, infections, and autoimmune disease
  • Helps prevent development of graft threatening infection
  • Current therapies don't address immune depletion

Phase of Development In vivo mouse assessment