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Dairy Farm App Streamlines Data Collection for Dairy Industry

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Ricardo Chebel
Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine
Luis G Mendonca
Veterinary Resident, Veterinary Population Medicine
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

Dairy Farm App Standardizes the Collection of Dairy Herd Data

A dairy farm application for mobile devices allows for the standardization in which dairy herds are evaluated in regards to cow comfort, animal well-being, biosafety, food safety, nutrition as well as many other factors pertaining to the dairy industry. Streamlining the process of data collection on dairy herds has been a recurring challenge for the entire industry. This application for dairy farmers forgoes the traditional method of collecting data by hand and uses a mobile tablet which speeds up the entire process as well as putting the information directly into the database. The dairy industry relies on up-to-date information concerning the status of large groups of cow herds along with the individual dairy cow that affects dairy production. This data can be used to assess how well individual herds across different regions are doing to identify problem regions and or efficient areas. The application collects data in important areas such as cow comfort, well-being, and nutrition which directly translate to dairy production. Information can also be shared to clients that will allow for instant access to current trends and data.

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Application Parameters Allow for a Universal Database

This dairy farm app allows for access to critical information on cow herds that similar applications have failed to capture. It allows for a more streamlined approach to the accessibility to pertinent data that clients all over the world count on to evaluate dairy herds. Data can be shared between veterinarians, animal scientists, herdsmen, as well as other professionals within the dairy industry. The ease with which data can be shared on cow herds can help to enhance animal treatment as well as create indices to assess specific herds in comparison with other groups in the same region. The universal access that this application allows for will help spur innovation in the dairy industry to improve care and cow comfort that will ultimately increase dairy production for farmers and herdsmen. Using mobile devices allows for a much more efficient and practical method for data collection and sharing that will help to revolutionize the way in which veterinarians, animal scientists, and other professionals can access critical information.


  • Standardized means of evaluation of dairy herds
  • Allows for universal access for clients worldwide
  • Spurs innovations in treatment of animals within dairy industry
  • Sharing of data on herds between professionals within dairy industry
  • Streamlines entire process of data collection