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Adaptive Math Assessment Test for Primary Grades

Technology #20120040

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Theodore J. Christ, PhD
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Educational Psychology
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Computer Based Assessment System for Math

The Computer Based Assessment System for Math (CBAS-M) helps educators to determine the math competency of primary grade students. The assessment test takes just six to ten minutes to administer, rather than four hours for current tests. The system is able to monitor the math progress of the student and identify students at risk of academic failure.

Note: CBAS-M has been exclusively licensed to Fast Bridge Learning. If you have questions, please contact Fast Bridge Learning at

Adaptive Assessment Test Monitors Progress in Math Development

CBAS-M gains these efficiencies through individualization; the adaptive based testing means that students are only exposed to the most useful items so the most information about the student is garnered. Faster and lower cost computer based assessments allow more extensive testing to extract more meaningful results.

Benefits of Computer Based Assessment System for Math (CBAS-M)

  • Much quicker to administer than current tests – ten minutes compared to four hours.
  • Monitor progress in math development and identify students at risk of academic failure.
  • More efficient and lower cost than current testing methods.