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iPad Anatomy App with 3D Models of Male and Female Anatomy

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Doctor and Patient CommunicationMale and Female AnatomyInteractive 3D Anatomy Models for iPad
Robert M. Sweet, MD
Associate Professor, Urological Surgery
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer
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US Patent Pending

iPad Anatomy App Improves Communications Between Doctor and Patients

The ability for medical professionals to adequately communicate with their patients is crucial. This technology allows doctors to give patients a better understanding of their ailments and the procedures they will be going through in real time. MyProcedure is a 3D anatomy app for the iPad that gives visual and interactive models of the both male and female anatomy. This gives physicians a means to help patients see exactly what is occurring within the organs. Users are able to play animations of specific procedures while still being able to interact with the 3D models. Enhanced communication is achieved by giving patients the ability to better understand the effects of a disease which then leads to informed consent decisions by the patient. MyProcedure also offers a way to increase patient comfort with providing more detailed information and improving their confidence in the quality of care they will receive.

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Interactive 3D Male and Female Anatomy Models Available with iPad App

Current anatomy browsers only allow for 2D model representation, this severely inhibits the way in which clinicians are able to communicate with their patients. Another disadvantage to current browsers is that most are passive video segments that do not give physicians any means of control over the model. MyProcedure anatomy app gives physicians the ability to manipulate a 3D model of male and female anatomy. They are able to remove and replace layers of skin, muscle, bone, and organs all at the touch of a finger. Physicians can also show how specific diseases and afflictions are affecting the individual organs in real time. Physicians are able to send feedback and request that additional anatomy and procedures be added to the database. All of these features aid in patient and doctor interaction and are available on the iPad for doctors to use when meeting with patients.


  • Improved manipulation capabilities
  • More detailed means of exploring male and female anatomy
  • 3D model representation as opposed to current 2D models
  • Able to show specific diseases occurring in organs
  • Improved patient/doctor communication allowing for better informed consent decisions
  • Large potential for growth through user feedback