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Urinary Tract Model for Endoscopic Procedure Training

Technology #20110220-2

Urinary Tract Organ Model for Surgical Training of Endoscopic Procedures

The urinary tract model allows for medical students and physicians to perform many different types of endoscopic procedures including ureteroscopy, kidney stone break up, and kidney stone basketing. The model is a lifelike representation of what the entire urinary tract would look like and function inside the human body.

Surgical students are able to accurately experience what the urinary tract is like and how it functions inside the human body. This simulator model can be customized to include some or all pieces of anatomy including:

  • the kidney with ureter
  • the kidney with ureter, bladder and urethra
  • the kidney with ureter, bladder, urethra, and prostate

Realistic Urinary Tract and Kidney Models

The model is reconstructed using anatomical structures as mold templates and, using a data base of tissue behavior algorithms, the organs, vessels and tissue layers produced mimic real human structures, providing a much more realistic teaching tool than a traditional anatomical manikin. This model simulates the urinary tract by mimicking the look and feel of the entire structure, as it would be within the human body. The lifelike simulation allows for training purposes for medical students along with a variety of endoscopic procedures. It gives a much better representation of the urinary tract than current models.


  • Accurate representation of urinary tract anatomy
  • Allows for training of endoscopic procedures
  • Can be customized to fit users preferences
  • Much better than current models available