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Non-toxic Cosmetic Compounds for UV Protection and UV Damage Repair

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Compound may Prevent Skin Damage from Sun Exposure Sun Exposure Collagen Structure
Robert Vince, PhD
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Abbas Raza, PhD
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Christine Dreis
Senior Scientist, Center for Drug Design
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Sun Exposure Increases Skin Cancer Risks and Skin Damage

Excessive exposure to the sun not only increases skin cancer risks but also causes unsightly leathery, tough skin due to photodamage of the skin. Such damage is due to an increase in epidermal thickness and a reduction and change to the skin’s collagen levels and structure.

Preventing DNA Damage and Collagen Structure Changes from UV Light and Sun Exposure

Compounds with a unique mechanism of action that involve boosting key DNA repair enzymes in the skin have been developed. When skin treated topically with these compounds is exposed to UV light, the epidermal thickness and collagen structure are both maintained (i.e. the skin retains a soft and smooth appearance). Extensive testing has been completed on these anti-aging compounds and they have been shown to prevent DNA damage and maintain youthful looking skin. The preliminary testing has not indicated the formation of harmful byproducts or intermediates that may cause skin damage. These compounds not only protect against UV light and reduce the risk of skin cancer, but also give a healthy and smooth appearance to the skin despite sun exposure.


  • Unique mechanism of action boosts DNA repair enzymes and provides protection from photodamage caused by UV rays, an advantage over other anti-aging products
  • Preserves structure of collagen and epidermal thickness
  • Could be added to a wide variety of cosmetic products (cosmetic preparations)

Phase of Development In Vivo animal and human skin assays have been completed with positive results.