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Keith Brown, PhD
Office of Information Technology
Tony Mikk
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Andrew Morrow
Technology Licensing Officer

Software to Manage Grant Process

The software to manage grant proposals is more flexible and less expensive than comparable software. It is designed for both grant managers and proposal submitters and manages the grant process with the aim of selecting the most qualified proposal for funding in a straight forward and user friendly manner.

Web-Based Grant Process Management System

The web-based workflow system allows users to register and submit their grant proposal online. The grant manager can view the submitted proposals and assign appropriate reviewers, who can submit their reviews through the same system. The grant submission fields and grant proposal review fields can be customized to fit specific grant requirements.


  • More flexible and less expensive than current software.
  • Web-based – the submitted proposals, grant management and reviews can all be managed in one place.
  • Grant submission fields and review fields can be customized to fit specific grant requirements.

Phase of Development Complete