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Neurological Testing Software and Hardware Suite Provides Quantitative Analysis for Neurological Exams

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Integrated Software and Hardware Provide Quantitative Analysis for Neurological TestingAccelerometer Device for Neurological TestingPosture Evaluations for Neurological ExamTraditional Evaluation for Neurological Examinations
Kelvin Lim, MD, Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
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Andrew Morrow
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Neurological Testing Software Uses Multiple Sensors

NeuroEx Suite uses an integrated software and hardware platform to deliver a robust quantitative analysis for neurological testing. It is the first quantitative evaluation software that is capable of time-synchronizing multiple types of sensor measurements, which is essential for producing accurate data analysis. This software is designed with an integrated hardware platform to provide accurate, quantitative measurements for neurological examinations. Neurological exams assess the sensory neurons and motor responses, especially the reflexes, to determine whether the nervous system is impaired. The reproducibility of the quantitative evaluations increases the accuracy of the neurological examination. This may bring the greatest value for use in clinical situations where quantitative reproducible measurements are needed. The neurological testing software and hardware could be used by practitioners in neurology, psychiatry, and general medical offices. NeuroEx Suite provides practitioners with an affordable, accurate, and quantitative measurement tool to be used for neurological examinations.

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  • Trial period of 6 to 12 months. $5000/6 months.
  • Fee waived for MN-based companies or if sponsoring $50,000+ in research.
  • Exclusive license for a $30,000 conversion payment.
  • No patent costs.
  • Royalty rate of 3% (2% for MN company) after first $1 million in product sales.

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Sensory Neuron and Motor Responses Measured with Neurological Exam Software

The NueroEx software has the ability to simultaneously collect data from multiple devices to produce quantitative evaluations. NeuroEx Suite uses an accelerometer, gyroscope, strain gauge, and advanced software techniques to measure postural sway, body movement, and body strength. Collectively, these readings are able to assess the patient's sensory neuron and motor responses. These neurological examinations also have the potential to be used for the evaluation of traumatic brain injuries in combat situations, sporting events, or long term rehabilitation centers. Traumatic brain injuries can cause physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects. NeuroEx Suite helps to improve the diagnosis of these injuries.


  • Robust - incorporates a hardware and software platform that utilizes multiple simultaneous sensor measurements.
  • Affordable - NeuroEx Suite delivers quantitative analysis and evaluations that can be built on a platform that is more affordable than existing quantitative neurological examinations.
  • Accurate - quantitative measurements replace subjective methodology, making evaluations more reliable.
  • Quantitative - makes evaluations standardized and improves the intra and inter-rate reliability of tests, helping practitioners identify subtle changes due to complex movement disorders.
  • Reproducible - increases the accuracy of neurological testing and allows NeuroEx to add value when used in clinical situations.